About Us


We have meetings every Wednesday (during term time) at 7.30pm, usually in KH03,¬†with speakers, games, movies, … and of course organised trips every weekend! You can also join the club and rent gear from our locker. Afterwards we head over to the Foundry so come on down, spin some yarns with like-minded people and plan your own missions.

Want to join?

Come to one of our weekly meetings, held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 at KH03 (Kirkwood Village) or try emailing our membership officer. You don’t need to be a student to join.


CUTC folk are pretty active on Facebook – come and say hi here.

Trip reports

Want to hear what epic adventures club members have been up to? Or to impress the world with tales of your own exploits? Write us a trip report! Send it to captain@cutc.org.nz and we’ll post it on our blog. At the end of the year these will be combined into a “Trog” (trip’s log), which we will print and will be yours to take home and treasure forever.

Some of our most recent trip reports:
Mt Oates Traverse
Ten Reasons To Go Tramping With Jeff

Weekly emails

If you are a member you should be receiving the weekly CUTC email on a Tuesday. If you aren’t getting these, then please check your spam! If that still fails please email our technowizard with your name and membership number and we’ll try to sort it out.

Refund policy

Refunds are at the discretion of the committee and are not guaranteed. Having people pull out of a trip at the last minute causes a lot of extra work for the organisers, and often ends up costing the club money as we book vans based on the number of people who have paid. Also, trips are often over-subscribed and we don’t like to turn people away and then end up with empty seats and empty beds.

The cut-off is 4pm Thursday. If we have not heard from you by then, we will assume that you are still coming, and will book huts/vans accordingly. Repeat last-minute cancellations may result in other people being given preference for trips with limited numbers.

Kea Conservation Trust

We are delighted to announce that the CUTC has decided to support the Kea Conservation Trust. Buy one of our CUTC badges for $2 (all money goes to KCT), or make a donation at the treasurers table. CUTC patch

Hut Book Stickers

  • The CUTC club patches are avalible at the meetings for $2 per piece.
  • CUTC hut book stickers are coming to a hut near you! They are available now and they’re FREE! See the treasurers at a meeting.

Club Constitution

As an incorporated society the club has a constitution, which governs the organisational part of club life. A copy of the constitution can be downloaded here.