The Chronicles of Zach (and Andrews Stream Trapping)

These are all true events.

Part 1: Zach and the Manky Fork
Enda found a manky fork on the track near the hut. Zach didn’t bring cutlery for his dinner so resorted to using said manky fork. Although, Zach did clean the manky fork with a wet wipe, this was after Enda cleaned the candle wax out of a candle holder with it.

The manky fork was in hot demand as Enda then also professed his love for it. A battle ensued. Zach asked Enda if he could keep the manky fork. Enda said “yes”.

Zach and the manky fork
Zach and the manky fork

Part 2: Zach and the Shirt Spider
Zach sat next to the warm toasty fire. Suddenly, something fell from above and down his shirt. “Aaaaargh! A spider”, exclaimed Zach. The spider nestled into Zach’s shirt and wasn’t heard from again.

Quotable quote: “It’s like someone dropped it on the ground at the beach, got sand on it and then just picked it up and continued to eat it” – Zach about gluten free wraps.

Part 3: Zach and the Chock-full Pasta Sauce
The next morning, it was discovered, not only did Zach carry a whole glass jar of pasta sauce into the hut. But he only managed to use 1/25th of the sauce in the jar, despite this being his only food. This glass jar was then packed back into Zach’s pack to be carried out.



The Cows
The Cows

Part 4: Zach and the Eggressive Cows
Walking along the track from Casey Hut towards the Binser Saddle track, we came across some cows.

“Let’s throw eggs* at the cows”, Zach said jokingly. There was a resounding NO from the group.

Next minute, the cows were eyeing us up and one came onto the track to block the path. It must’ve heard what Zach had said. Enda slowly led us in a wide circle away from the cow. It ran back to its herd no longer feeling threatened by the egg throwing Zach.

An hour later, after repeatedly threatening to throw eggs at Michelle, Zach managed to crack some eggs and get yolk all over his legs.

*these eggs were left over from the trap resetting the previous day.

Additional Notes:
We walked into the Andrews Stream track to reset traps in pairs volunteering for the Department of Conservation. Many dead, smelly, unrecognisable animals were found in traps and had to be removed from them. Eggs and dehy rabbit were used as baits to lure mammalian pests into the newly reset traps. The weather was reasonably good when we arrived but after a few hours work, it started raining, then snowing and continued to rain overnight while we hunkered down in the cosy hut. We woke up the next day to beautiful sun and stunning scenery.

Bonus feature: Guess the deceased animal

Deceased animal
Deceased animal
  1. Stoat
  2. Cat
  3. Rabbit
  4. Rat

Date: Sep 5-6, 2015
Tramps: Zach Byrne, Enda Walsh, Susanne Birgelen, Danny Hermawan, Stephanie McRae, Seh Ling Kwong, Michelle Lambert.

Words and Images by: Michelle Lambert