Andrews Stream


Location: Andrews Shelter, Arthur’s Pass
Date: 21 March, 2015
Participants: Matt Falloon and a crew of happy tramps

Words & Images: Susanne Birgelen

On a very sunny Saturday Matt and a group of motivated trampers met at the UCSA carpark. Everyone arrived well prepared with towels and extra clothing, since we were going to be wet. Our plan called for an adventure, so we were very glad for the great weather. We started walking at Andrews Shelter, about 25km south of Arthur’s Pass Village. Right at the beginning we had to walk steeply uphill. But the rest of the first half of the tramp was rather a nice stroll tramping up the Andrews Stream Track. We had plenty of time and pleasure to enjoy the forest, take pictures and watch birds.

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Concerning Freshers

Location: Magdalen Hut, St James Walkway, Lewis Pass
Date: March 7-8, 2015
Participants: 60+ Freshers

Images by Samuel Chau and Josie Dransfeld

“This trog is largely concerned with Freshers – CUTC’s first big annual tramping trip – and from its pages a reader may discover much of its character and a little of its history”

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A Journey to the Top of New Zealand – Aoraki Ascent

Words & images: Alastair McDowell
Participants: David Chen, Elisha Nutall, Alastair McDowell

There are only a few days each year when the many suns, stars and moons that govern perfect mountaineering conditions at Mt Cook line up. To be there ready, with a climbing partner, feeling fit and primed to pounce at this very moment – the chances seem impossibly slim. But on one such day in mid-December, the impossible happened.

Good weather was moving in for the weekend, so we made our move to advanced base-camp – Plateau Hut – on a miserably wet Wednesday. Although my climbing partners Elisha and David were quite keen, as most are, to fly from Mt Cook village up to the Grand Plateau, I was determined to make a clean ascent from the road-end, and eventually convinced them to join me.

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Brilliant Ball Pass

Words & images: Enda Walsh
Participants: Simon Litchwark, Jeff Ducrot, Enda Walsh

So Ball Pass. It had been on my mind for some time. I’d first heard about it from Alex Warnaar when we did our Basic Alpine Skills course with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. We were up at Mueller hut and Alex mentioned it as a route from across the Mount Cook Range from the Hooker to the Tasman Valleys, one that was good to do in Winter if you were confident in your snow and ice skills.

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The Brass Monkey Balls Up

Participants: Enda, Alex, Simon, Joe, Mark, Clare and Richie

Date: 16th & 17th August 2014

Words and images: Richie White

Right so my first Trog, and what a tramp I’m picking to write about! As per usual, we met at the slightly earlier time of 7am, packed up our gear and were quickly under way. The plan was to meet at Culverden Bakery, grab a coffee, munch down some pies and hit the road again fairly promptly. Next stop was the drop off point for the passengers while the drivers went off to leave one car by Rough Creek (our exit point on day 2 if all goes well). While they were gone we got ready and had a peek about the place. Just round the corner of a track there was a little frozen lake, it was just the start of some of the most stunning sc Continue reading “The Brass Monkey Balls Up”

Jolliebrook Hut

Participants: Mathew Falloon, Sergey White, Clara Voirol, Lisa Wiesent, Jenny Hamilton, Samuel Rademaker, Timothy Manning, Marie Riis, Amalie Watchmann, Andrew Nesbit, Kevin Polak, Dan Goodwin.

Date: 2-3rd August 2014

Words: Matt Falloon


Well shit. Earlier in the week I’d indicated to the club that I intended to lead an overnight trip to Kirwans Hut by the town of Reefton on the Westcoast and at the time the weather forecast looked promising. Alas as most of us know a week is a long time in New Zealand forecasting. By the Wednesday meeting the Metservice was predicting a great big red blob of rainy doom to descend upon the location of the intended trip and loiter for the duration which would probably cause a few issues. For one the track I intended to take followed a reasonably substantial river with a large catchment for most of the second day raising the risk of getting caught by a flooding… Continue reading “Jolliebrook Hut”

Frozen Snowcraft

Participants: The 6 Ice Masters (Tania, Glen, Woulter, Richard, Enda and Sam) + 36 brave ice wanderers

Dates: Aug 9 – Aug 10

Words: Josie Dransfeld

Once upon a time when the beloved and yet accursed Mistress Winter finally decided to bless New Zealand’s mountains with a decent dumping of fresh and powdery snow, it was time for another attempt of getting Snowcraft underway. Postponed and cancelled due to a lack of the fluffy white stuff countless times earlier it now so happened that we almost had too much of it. The Ice Masters had to assess the situation, call up highway and ski patrols alike to make sure the roads were clear and avalanche danger manageable. Luckily, everything could go ahead! Continue reading “Frozen Snowcraft”

The Three Passes and the Ellerslie Flower Show

Participants: Rose Pearson (scribe), Andre Eger, Nick Riordan, Mathew Falloon

Dates: 2013

It began with a text:

Mathew F: Would you be interested in going to the Ellerslie Flower show? For extra difficulty Saturday or Sunday.

Rose P: Oh maybe Sunday. I’m planning to fast pack the 3 passes tramp around Arthurs Pass. Depends on how fast we go.

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