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CUTC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

Upcoming Events

Tentative trips are marked in grey, cancelled in strikethrough.


30th, Sat. - 1st, Sun.Lewis pass - Ada pass Hut or Christopher HutDetails & Signup, External Link


14th, SaturdayGodley Peak (Rakaia)Details & Signup, External Link
28th, Sat. - 29th, Sun.Barker HutDetails & Signup, External Link


17th, Fri. - 23rd, Thu.Heaphy TrackDetails & Signup, External Link

You can also see a list of past events from the new system here.